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Low Section Of Woman Standing On Bosu Ball Jun22nd 2020

7 Ways You Can Improve Your Physical Activity!

What are you doing right now, being still or something else? If you are not moving around, you may be suffering from a sedentary lifestyle. As explained by the American Heart Association, increasing physical activity does not mean a person must train in a state-of-the-art gym.  The simplest steps have a dramatic impact on health,

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Jun8th 2020

Persistent Headaches Paining You? We Can Help

Are you tortured by headache pain morning, noon and night, day after day? Does emotional and/or physical stress always seem to trigger a headache? If so, you’re one of the many Americans who suffer from stress-related or tension headaches.  These headaches have own distinctive style, and some of their underlying causes may actually surprise you.

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May25th 2020

Are You Suffering from Arthritic Pains? Find Relief Without the Drugs

Arthritis refers to the pain associated with moving joints. It may result from a variety of factors, including genetics and lifestyle habits, and millions of people turn to medications for managing the pain. However, arthritic pain is susceptible to much more than just medications.  Drug-free strategies to reduce arthritic pain rely on a person’s five

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