Our Team

Barry Reiss

Barry Reiss, MSPT, Physical Therapist

Barry graduated from the University of Washington PT School in 2001.  He was born in Port Angeles, WA but lived in other states and countries before returning to the Seattle area in the 1980’s.  A serious ankle fracture with 4 surgeries and 11 months of physical therapy made him pursue changing careers to become a physical therapist.

His physical therapy interests and specialties include amputee gait training, neurological disorders and general musculoskeletal injuries.  He enjoys getting to know and connecting with patients in a way that promotes their learning and progress while in physical therapy.  He especially likes the gratification that comes from helping his patients heal and move beyond physical limitations.  When he’s away from the clinic, Barry enjoys being with family and friends, reading, hiking, bicycling and pursuing his hobby of wildlife photography.  He looks forward to packing up his cameras and traveling to places around the world where the people, wildlife and landscapes are totally different from what he typically experiences in the Pacific Northwest.