Our Team

Gary Hansen

Gary Hansen, PT

Gary graduated from physical therapy school at the University of Washington in 1984. He most enjoys working with athletes of all levels. He once heard an orthopedic surgeon say he thought of all his patients as athletes. As a former athlete, this is very meaningful to him. Gary’s work with patients is based off the principle that every patient (high level athlete or retired individual) deserves relief from pain and a should get back a level of function that allows enjoyment out of life again. As an aging athlete, Gary now enjoys cycling in a spin class at the gym or on his road bike training for and riding in the STP or RSVP.

He also enjoys snow skiing, hiking, sailing (as a member of the crew) and being with his dogs. He would classify himself as somewhat of a dog crazy person. His animals are an important part of his life. And most importantly, he loves spending time with his wife, Sue. Going to plays, skiing, hiking, taking in a Seattle Storm game or traveling to Australia to see her family are things they most enjoy together