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Barry Reiss Feb18th 2020

Barry Reiss

Barry graduated from the University of Washington PT School in 2001.  He was born in Port Angeles, WA but lived in other states and countries before returning to the Seattle area in the 1980’s.  A serious ankle fracture with 4 surgeries and 11 months of physical therapy made him pursue changing careers to become a

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Gary Hansen Feb18th 2020

Gary Hansen

Gary graduated from physical therapy school at the University of Washington in 1984. He most enjoys working with athletes of all levels. He once heard an orthopedic surgeon say he thought of all his patients as athletes. As a former athlete, this is very meaningful to him. Gary’s work with patients is based off the

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Daniel Ng Feb18th 2020

Daniel Ng

Daniel graduated from physical therapy school at Chapman University in 2012. He most enjoys helping people work towards their most important goals whether it be related to sports and or daily activities. He personally enjoys being active playing basketball, tennis, biking, running and rock climbing. The thing that makes him most excited about being a

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