Phillip P.

Oct27th 2020

The renown 13th-century Sufi mystic poet, Jalal ad-Din Rumi once wrote:

“These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.” I am extremely grateful that I listened to my pain and that it lead me quite serendipitously to the office of  Kaizen Physical Therapy.

It was in the moment of my most excruciating pain that I saw an online ad from Kaizen offering a free workshop on lower back pain. Before even completing the registration form, I received a call from Colin and thus began my healing journey “back to normal”.

During my initial conversation with Colin, I was invited to a free screening, which I attended the very next day. There, I was greeted by a welcoming and professional staff that immediately put me at ease, despite the intensity of physical discomfort I felt due to the lower back pain I had been experiencing for the past four days.

In my initial screening, I was introduced to Barry, one of several competent and gifted physical therapists on staff. Barry said something to me during the consultation that was to have a profound impact on my body and healing process. Up to that point, in the four days leading up to my first visit to Kaizen, my body was in a constant “fight or flight” mode. What he said to me was “the pain will go away.” Those words were like a magic elixir that had the immediate effect of penetrating into my muscles with the silent message: “it is okay to relax now.”

In three appointments of physical therapy with Barry, my pain level went from level 10 to 0. In my sessions, I was given specific exercises, tailored to my own body’s needs, that have helped my body heal and rejoice in the attention I now give it with the twice-daily series of stretches that Barry introduced to me. These exercises have now become a part of my daily routine.

So, in listening to my pain, as Rumi suggests, I was lead to Kaizen Physical Therapy, and lead to a deeper awareness of my own body.

To the staff of Kaizen, thank you for showing me the way to, as you say, “continuous improvement”. Although my time with you was temporary, the practical information, knowledge, and healing I received in my few visits will last a lifetime.